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Another of “not one of my custom creations”, but I just can’t help but share all these great new finds
I’m normally not a “pink” chick, but this sleek black kitty was delivered to my doorstep by before 9am this morning, and she is GORGEOUS!
Her autograph in silver on the front of her box has kitty ears and whiskers!
The back of her box says:
"I have decided to leave the music business and will no longer be touring or recording. Instead, I will be enrolling this fall as a student at Monster High.  I am looking forward to being just a regular ghoul in school but before I do, I am giving one last concert and I’m inviting all of you to be a part of it."

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    Trying to get myself excited about the release of this doll. I’m getting there.. haha
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    HOW DID YOU GET HER ALREADY I AM SO JEALOUS I NEED HER NOW *Cries about how Jealous I am and how I can not wait to have...
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